Privacy and Cookie Policy

We Protect Your Data

As a visitor to you can rest assured that we hold your personal customer data in the highest confidentiality. Directbelt does not, and will not ever, share ANY of your personal data with third parties. As a part of our limitless commitment to customer service, we have made maintaining the privacy of our customers in the electronic environment a prime concern.

As any ethical business, we would only provide specific information when forced to by a court order, subpoena, some form of new government investigation, or as otherwise required by law. Fortunately, such cases remain extremely unlikely and, unless prevented by law, we would notify you if such conditions were about to come into effect.

When you visit it is presumed that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this policy. If you do not accept these terms, you are welcome to not use our website. Though, if that’s what it took, we’d would be sad to see you go! Just know that other online belt distributors will assuredly have similar policies.

Directbelt’s privacy policy exists in order to qualify the different types of data that Directbelt may gather about you when you visit [URL], including when you contact us. This policy pertains to how we may use that information, how we secure it, and under what conditions we are obliged to disclose it.

Mainly, we collect very little data from you when you visit our website. In fact, the only data that we collect is the information that our servers receive when any one visitor accesses our website, filling in online forms, or volunteering their email addresses for our marketing correspondences. We use this information to reply to your inquiries, provide you with additional information, or respond to applications for employment with us. In this latter instance, any additional information you provide us with by way of an attachment, is simply used to evaluate your qualifications for the role in question, or to help us prepare relevant interview questions.

In many cases, you can visit our website without telling anything about who you are. However, as a customer, when you fill out a customer profile and submit an order through our website, we need a little bit more information so that we can effectively complete and fulfil your order. In these instances, you will need to provide your name, shipping address, email, and credit card number in order to buy through our website. This information is solely used for the completion of your request. When you buy from us, it is also necessary for us to convey this information to our shipping partners and financial institutions, including local post and / or government authorities, as in the case of international customs for cross-border shipping.

In addition to the type of information described above, as is common with ecommerce website, our website utilizes technology to anonymously collect information that tells us how our users use our website. We rely on this technology to tell us how many visitors access our website on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis. This data includes the date and time of a user’s visit, which pages they viewed, and in what order. We also record the most common web browsers our visitors use, and the URL they were on immediately before accessing our site. These tools do not identify you or any of our users personally. But they collect statistics about our online audience and how they use our website. Directbelt does not share this data with third-parties, nor will we ever.

Our Privacy Policy applies only to our website. At times we may publish links to other websites that are owned and managed by other companies. Any third-party sites are independent from this website and we do not make any claims or assurances with regard to those sites. Any third-party sites linked to from [URL] are not endorsements or recommendations by Directbelt, and users understand that they visit these sites solely of their own risk. If users are concerned about how any Internet sites handle visitor data, they are encouraged to carefully review the Privacy Policies respective to those specific sites.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at